Minder Foundation is a nonprofit focused on raising awareness of concussion and creating a facility to collect and recount head injury data.

I’m Natalie Moore CEO of Minder Foundation. As a teacher and the mother of 2 young children I have seen first hand that cuts and bruises are treated, unseen injuries such as concussions are ignored!

A head injury to my son Samuel made me realize how little we knew about concussions or how easily a child could get a concussion.

As a parent you are tuned to feel your children’s pain, but BIG SPORT has desensitized and conditioned us to NOT question headaches and dizziness from head impacts.

Our emergency visit showed me that diagnosis can only ever be as accurate as the information submitted. Therefore incident data and medical history needs to be easily collected, updated and available at all times.

My husband had been developing wearable technology to measure a person’s musculoskeletal efficiency and the effectiveness of their training.

I realized that similar technology would provide an answer to our problem.

Sports organizations already use technology for research NOW.

So why don’t they use that technology to protect their players NOW, they have it, use it!

This would allow everyone to see the effects of collisions in real time.

EVERYBODY would then understand concussions better.

We would then recognize more concussions in everyday life.

Research would accelerate when real data can be compared to real incidents.

What was missing was a facility to collect and recount the data.

I then decided to develop a phone app and online user dashboard for data collection.

The resultant free phone app is a one stop shop:

  • Education portal with protocol and research updates
  • Baseline test
  • Concussion test that is shown to be 100% effective
  • Individual dashboard to log and track ALL tests and head injuries
  • Recall your history 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Help eliminate Second-Impact Syndrome (SIS). Which occurs when the brain swells rapidly, and catastrophically, after a person suffers a second concussion before symptoms from an earlier one have subsided. This second blow may occur minutes, days or weeks after an initial concussion. The condition is often fatal, and almost everyone who is not killed is severely disabled.
  • Our app is a game changer, being able to update and track head injuries will empower everyone to put their well being first!

No blood, no bruises, no problems is NOT correct!

This is a huge task and we need your help!

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